Carl Alvey


Polar Guide, Expedition leader, snow kiter  - can be found on a road bike in the mountains of Norway - proud owner of Mercedes l'407 d Named the slow buss

In 2004 Carl made his first major expedition to the east coast of Greenland and has never looked back since. In the same year he went on to ski the last degree to the South Pole and since these two expeditions has spent time each spring guiding expeditions in Greenland and each northern winter (Antarctica summer) guiding expeditions in Antarctica and working as an Operations Assistant for Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions.

Carl’s expeditions have included leading three trips for the Fuchs Foundation two of which to Antarctica and one to Greenland, a crossing of the Greenland icecap using dogs and his own Greenland Icecap crossing with kites.

In the 2013-2014 Antarctic season Carl successfully guided Lewis Clarke to become the youngest person to ski to the South Pole.